"David is a dynamic and entertaining speaker. "

Curt Finch, CEO Journix Inc

The cyber-social revolution

Social media hasn’t just given us a new way to keep in touch… it has changed the entire meaning of relationships. There are many resources that attempt to help business improve their social footprint, but what I have realized is that establishing a social media footprint is akin to stumbling around in the dark.

The cyber-social revolution has fundamentally altered the way business should understand, and interact with, its customers. At each stage of the customer journey, from research, decision, purchase and post-purchase the ideal way to communicate with consumers is be adopting new practices driven through social media.

Crafting the right strategy takes effort – you need to know who your customers are, what they want and what a typical buying process looks like to them. Then you need to cross reference against the medium of choice for your market segments as they flow through a typical buying journey… and then you need a client support strategy that provides both emotional and technical support in the post-purchase phase.



What do I do?

David Ashton is a dynamic and entertaining speaker; blending visual and auditory media with high energy on-stage presence to bring to life the rapidly evolving way business and consumers intertwine using the new cyber-social paradigm. His presentation themes provide insights into the fundamentally changes in the way customers and brands interact with each other. He provides the audience with a provocative, educational and entertaining front row seat as near-future technology and sociological evolution collide.

Whether at a conference, executive offsite or in an advisory boardroom discussion David will act as a powerful catalyst for innovative change in the way the audience thinks about global market opportunities.

David is also VP of Customer Experience Management (CXM) Consulting Services at SDL

A fundamental shift in business

Three things are converging right now to completely change the way you need to think about customers. The three are demographic, social and technological. All three of these are impacting your business today, whether you know it or not.

Your customers have emigrated. Non-domestic markets  represent a bigger potential that home markets, and the growth is over there, not over here!
Social interaction has evolved forever. The cyber-social revolution has changed how your customers communicate with themselves, and with you.
There are no more barriers of entry for global business. Well… there are always barriers, but today they are manageable and retreating.

These three converging themes have fundamentally shifted the possibilities for global business. Are you ready?

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